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Becoming better than my best

Week 3 About Me

We’ve been asked to add an “About Me” page to this blog.  Great… what am I supposed to write.  Writing a generic my name is…., I work at… My hobbies are… seems a bit pedestrian and somewhat disingenuous to me.  How can I write about me when I’m just learning about me?  I’m discovering what I want out of life for the first time in my adult years.  I’m discovering that somewhere along the line I lost the feisty me and became calm Mommy.  I used to be fire-y and fierce and now I’m cool and nonchalant. I discovered that I need some of my sauce back.  I miss that me.

I’m working through the assignments and the daily reading with surprising results.  This week’s writing assignments are pulling more and more out of me.  My DMP is still scattered and writing the movie version is more of a straight to DVD version than a featured film.  I’m working hard and it’s making me think and I believe that this is the most important component of this program.


Week 2 Challenges and Development

This week has been a challenge. My daughter went to the doctor on Monday to check her incision and ended up in surgery; then in hospital until today. I’ve been by her side to help care for the newborn while she recuperates. But, when it started this class it was with the understanding that we must press on so I have.

Sunday’s webinar was crazy for me. Some of the things said triggered so many memories. When Mark talked about. “River of Dream” I was taken back to one of my college classes. I remembered staring out of the window of that Humanities class wondering; what am I doing here. Thinking “why am I paying these people to talk about other peoples ideas, other peoples dreams”? I even wrote an essay about it and never got the answer. Here we are thirty years later examining exactly the same question.

Why have we invested so much into cultivating other peoples dreams while steadfastly ignoring our own? I never considered a PPN. Why were we not taught to develop a Personal Pivotal Need? A PPN delves deep into your subby; it forces you to consider your personal needs. For me, as a woman, this is a foreign concept. I’ve been brought up to consider the needs of the family above my own. I think that old concept is very damaging to the health and well being of many families including my own. Imagine what my family would look like if I knew and operated within an evolving PPN over the years. They would have no false societal limitations forced on them; they would have known that they are limitless.

The best part about learning about this now is that my daughter hears me reading the chore cards, scroll, blueprint and DMP every day. Being in one hospital room since Monday, she’s heard them repeated two and three times per day and she is beginning to question. She is curious about what I’m doing and interested in getting more information. Her family is just beginning. The baby is only 13 days here. She has the opportunity to do things a different way.

My husband found, circled and registered for a talk on “Shedding Stress” with Phillip Moffitt on October 17th and he’s never cared about anything like this. Two weeks ago my husband would not have even noticed an article about meditation. It’s in these simple little changes that I see habits beginning to change, thoughts beginning to change and we are beginning to change. It is only Week 2 of this experience and I am feeling enriched; I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Miracle Beginnings MKMMA Wk 1 pt 2

Yesterday I left off with the prayer. My husband and I watched as they wheeled our daughter away and I struggled to keep the principles of positive thought. Surgery is a scary thing. Surgery in delivery is even scarier. Nevertheless my husband and I hugged each other and repeated out loud, “They are both going to be fine. These doctors are specialist in their fields. This is a leading hospital. They are going to come through”

At 11:11am on Friday September 26, 2014 our granddaughter Aaliyah was born. She is small and lovely and every bit a miracle. Our baby girl came through fine and we now have to face the adjustment of her being a Mommy.

In the midst of all of this excitement I logged into the class on Sunday from the grocery store line on my iPad. I want thinks to be different for this family. I’ve tried most of the things mentioned in class and I’m happy to have found this Master Key system. We spend our time searching aimlessly for our true direction in life. I want to examine what needs to be updated for my life to have a different outcome from its present path.

I am beyond excited!

Joanne Black MKMMA Week 1

First blog assignment:  The prep material for the 7 day mental diet said that when you begin enlightenment be prepared for everything to hit at once.  For us it did just that.   My daughter was scheduled to deliver around October 6th.  That did not happen.  She called us to say that the doctors wanted to induce her on the 29th.  That did not happen.

What happened was this: We live in NJ, my daughter lives in Charlotte,  NC. She called and said evening was moved up to Friday.  That meant I had to accelerate all of our plans followed by a long drive.

We arrived in Charlotte late Thursday evening with intent on showing up at the hospital ready for delivering the next day. Friday morning she called us at her apartment to tell us that the doctor had begun the process to induce her but after breaking her water; the baby flipped and was now breech. She said we should very overt to the hospital because they had scheduled her for a  c-section.

We rushed over to the hospital in time to pray over her

Joanne’s MasterKey Journey

About to embark on a journey of self realization.  I’ve always heard of people “finding themselves” and have always thought it was a frivolous thing people with too much time on their hands do.  Well I’m far from frivolous and I’m definitely busy.

So I figured, why not? I’m stuck in the same space I was five years ago. It’s time to move forward. Enough mediocrity; time to bring the excellence back.