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Becoming better than my best

Week 13 Emerging

I write this post on the blessed night of Christmas Eve. We spent the last few days dealing with family member challenges, a sick cat and the ongoing saga of my class. So I’m taking this space to show how MKMMA has worked for me.

On the family member; I know Og says “…hear not those who weep and complain , for their disease is contagious.” That’s not so easy when it’s a member of your family in crisis. Our cousin and her three children were evicted last Wednesday; so it was not just a matter of her complaining it was serious. It’s winter, it’s Christmas and they are homeless. The very first thing we offered was for them to come stay with us but she is in Virginia and did not think her car could make it to Jersey.

As you can imagine, there are people in the family who want to talk and gossip but never offer any concrete assistance. Normally we would have had to filter through those people in order to get to the proactive people; not this time. This time we immediately deflected the gossips and successfully connected with the doers. At the same time, a refund check, that I was not expecting, arrived In the mail. On an aside, this check became beneficial for the family member and my own household. Getting back to the story, within one day of the eviction we had secured temporary housing for them and sent grocery money. The problem is not completely solved and, of course, it is now up to our cousin to start getting her life together but immediate crisis averted.

Then there is my highly negative class. They still must be reminded to treat themselves with love and I am in no way expecting overnight results, after all we were the same way before MKMMA, negative thoughts and self talk was normal behavior. The week was challenging because they are still questioning my authority because I was originally assigned to them as a substitute. Nevertheless, the week ended on a positive note when my most challenging student asked to speak to me after class. She then told me that she was letting outside problems affect her school work; and that she realized what she was doing was actually working against herself after our class sessions and is now ready to take responsibility for her work, and to consider her class time more important than the drama going on with her ex-boyfriend. I was shocked! We are on break now, I can’t wait to get back.

As for me, I was in a serious funk until our webinar last Sunday. It was as if Mark, Davene and Trish were hanging out at my house monitoring my progress. From the beginning of the webinar to the end I was struggling not to have a full fledged bawl episode. When Mark talked about moving past our business block by doing our reading then throwing it all away, the tears could not be contained. It felt as though I was kicked in the chest and he had only mentioned it. You see, I’ve been working diligently on everything the class had to offer and I’ve had that feeling of the cement breaking away; actually feeling the new Joanne coming through. The thought of throwing away all of that work was crushing. However, it made perfect sense. What was the use doing the work if we are not going to apply it. The magic is in action. Not thinking alone, not planning alone, not changing your mindset alone; it is in everything together and then putting it in action.

I can not begin to adequately describe the joy I feel in relating to you what’s been going on in my life. It is even more keenly felt during this time of celebration in the birth of Jesus. This is the time of year when people begin to evaluate how they have spent the old year and look forward to what the new year will bring. We in MKMMA have the added benefit of knowing how our year is going to be because we intend to create it. There could not be a better way to greet the new year than with love, wisdom and persistent self determination. Thank you all for sharing in my journey and thanks the Mark, Davene and my guide Bob for providing and guiding the vehicle which will change my life. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Week 12 Minor setbacks

Had some minor setbacks this week. Count down to National launch, mid-terms at school, minor illness, family issues. Lots to do. This is a great opportunity to put what we’ve learned so far. I’ll have to post a follow up as things progress.

Week 11 Passing it on

This week challenged my mental diet a little. I had never before noticed how negative my students are with each other and with themselves. I found that as we went over homework assignments or reviewed for the quizzes; I heard a constant barrage of “this is stupid” and worse yet, “I’m stupid,” “I’m an idiot” and on and on.

I had to take some time to speak to them about the things you say to yourself. I found a great pamphlet about changing negative self talk to positive, designed specifically for students, and handed that out to each class. Then, I put quotes on the board each morning to remind them to be careful of what they say to themselves.

Every time I heard it I tapped the quote on the board. We have gotten to the point that when someone says something negative, others in the class point it out. We are going to develop a system to reward self talk with the goal of eliminating it altogether. The students are actively engaged in blocking the evil voice and living in success.

I can’t say if it was a direct result but their test scores were higher this week and we are only in week two. Next week is mid-term, so I’m counting on the positive environment in my room to carry over to their mid grades too. Each module is only six weeks long so I’ll need to add some more layers to help it stick.

Week 10 emerging from my cave

This week feels like I’m an alien from another planet or a cave woman woken from an icy slumber. You see, this week I went back to work. I’ve been in my safe little MKMMA cocoon for 8 weeks now and quite happy there. Now, I’m being bombarded with reality. I gotta say it went well.

Monday night, I attended our local business meeting for our network company and decide to practice the words in my DMP “I promise to step out of my shell and talk to everyone around me.” So, I begin talking to the associate next to me. Guess what? She is struggling too, she and her husband are close to me and my husbands age and also have a few personal things in common. We talked until it was time to close and made arrangements to meet for dinner on Friday.

Tuesday, my second day back, a group of students were standing and talking outside of my classroom door. The language would have made your hair curl! I took a deep breath and walked out to tell them to watch the language and be mindful that class was in session. As I walked away one of the girls started talking back, making rude comments. I stopped, slowly turned, looked at the other girls (ignoring the loudmouth) and said, “I honor you ladies for being respectful and behaving like the young women you are here to become. Thank you.” I could see through the window of my classroom that they were not sure how to react to that. I make love my greatest weapon. – Mandino

Wednesday, continuing with my DMP, I spoke to three people about the business and gave them my text leader info. Later that day I received notification that one of them registered on my pre-launch site. “I remember the ancient law of averages and I bend it to my good.” – Mandino

Thursday, I woke up at 6am on my own, without the assistance of my alarm clock. I delve into my reading and decide to do my Sit then instead of in the evening. For the very first time since we started this experience I completely cleared my mind. True, it was a very short time, and as soon as I was conscious of it the “talk” began again but, I had it. Just that moment, but I had it! “All possession is based on consciousness. All gain is the result of an accumulated consciousness.” – Haanel

My Friday was pretty fantastic too. This week helped me confirm that the cement is breaking away, my consciousness is diligently working in the background to manifest the experiences best suited to my daily outcomes and I’m linking all over the place.

Week 9 Family together time

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States and for many it’s the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. I’ve never really thought it a good idea to leave my warm house to go stand in line for hours to buy things we really don’t need; so I’ve skipped the experience. This year was no different, we stayed home but things inside were not the same. We changed the dynamic.

After the unplugged week everything seems so much louder, frenetic, artificial and wasteful. We consciously made the decision to dial back on everything and enjoy our time together. I’m taking the time out to write this post and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy.

Week 8 Things are coming together

Last week I reported that I’d just returned to New Jersey and needed to get back into the routine that I had carefully cultivated in NC; I think I did ok. This week’s MasterKey was more of a stretch for me. It really should not have been. I served in the military as a Marine. I’ve been around battle ships and my son, who was in the Navy, worked on the Reagan. Battleships should not have been difficult to visualize but oh not so.

The first few sits were fine, see the ship – got it, begin disassembling – got it, take it back to the sheets of metal – ok, go back to the architects working on the plans; I get Michele Duggar …. What?! Get out of there. Ok focus, visualize the plans on the table, the writing implements, the dream that birth the idea; pop grocery list. Aarg. Breath go again. Philip Moffitt calls that “monkey brain” and I get it; your thoughts just jump from thing to thing. It goes on like this for several sits then yesterday, eureka I got all the way through the architects office with no interruption. I almost jumped up right then, but of course that would defeat the sit. It was a major milestone for me.

Then, I had to contend with no television. I’m sure you are aware that Thursday night is Shonda Land. The rest of the week was a breeze, there’s nothing worth watching anyway. But Thursday! So, we needed distraction; my husband and I talked, we played cards, caught up about the kids, in other words, we had Fun. We used to have an unplugged evening when the kids were growing up but got away from it as they grew older and the schedules became too hectic. Our lives gradually became more and more separate. Then, we looked up and they were grown with families of their own. This week reminded us that we were a couple before them and we are happy to be one again.

This MasterKey Mastermind Alliance is more to me than simply going through the exercises and checking off the complete box. I’m thinking about how this is changing the direction of my life. I’m definitely at the fork in the road and I fully intend to take it. Most times looking at ourselves and seeing what needs to be done is a scary undertaking and, as we’ve learned, the subby fights back but this is the time to allow ourselves to do something different. As Mark Twain said “If you alway do what you’ve always done. You’ll always get what you always got.”

Week 7 Feels like starting over

Well not really starting over but definitely taking a pause. My six weeks were up and I had to leave my daughter’s home in Charlotte and return to my home in New Jersey. My system suffered culture shock. I went from playing with my beautiful Granddaughter, visiting my daughter and going through my MasterKey routine there to relocating everything here and leaving them behind. Moving the physical things was the easy part; my mental state took a little work.

Driving from Charlotte to Jersey is the ultimate test for keeping positive thoughts. As I previously wrote; the car is my pressure cooker for opinions and negativity. However, this drive was different. I had trained my mind to make the driving into an exercise of observation. No longer was I yelling at my windshield and speeding up to cut off people who’d cut me off. I drove ten hours in peace and relaxation. I stopped to do my mid-day reading, I had a pleasant conversation with a fellow traveler at dinner and I listened to audio books the rest of the way. Things have really changed.

Upon walking into my house my body felt heavy. The weight of my responsibilities and the dreary-ness of the North all conspired to crush my joy. So what’s a woman to do? Mastermind of course!

The first thing I did was put my movie poster on the wall and, like Mark suggested, I touched my colors to feel that connection. When I checked my email, my guide had cleared my DMP. Joy coming back. Then I read my GS as directed; and of course, opened up the love in my heart. It is a good thing that these habits had been established through Scroll One, otherwise depression would have reverted me back to my old ways; slouched out on the couch looking at endless TV.

It is in this way that MasterKey has begun to chip away at my cement Buddha. As 7-19 said, “is it not strange that we have always been taught to look for strength and power ‘without’? We have been taught to look everywhere but ‘within’ and whenever this power manifested in our lives we were told that it was something supernatural.” No longer do I look at things as completely out of my control. I’m using my tools and changing the outcome.

Where did week 6 go?

Where did this week go?  One minute it was Sunday’s webinar Next thing is Friday night.  I’ve been so backed up my head is spinning.

What brought me through was the Master Key audio and reading Scroll 2. What a joy that has been.   When I opens my eyes each morning I hear the words “I will greet this day with love in my heart” reverberating in my brain like a precious mantra.

Building my Movie Poster,  reading my DMP, BPB and cards, audio, and GS, kept me MasterKey busy plus, all of the things my life kicked in just for fun. This gives my life new purpose and direction.  I’m busy and in loving it.

Week 5: Driving opinions away

This week has surely been a challenge to not put my two cents in Everywhere!  You never really realize how often you give unsolicited opinions. Earlier this week I asked my daughter and niece to monitor my opinion giving.  It turns out that I have a higher incidence of opining when in the car.  Apparently, I drive for everyone on the road.  They were all stupid, idiotic dunces who bought their drivers licenses.  As the ladies routinely pointed out each infraction I became acutely aware of my actions and made a conscious decision to quiet my thoughts and definitely quiet the words.

It’s funny how we don’t notice how much power we give to the negative until it is pointed out.  By Wednesday, I found that I was not even thinking about the drivers anymore.  I had “I will be what I will to be” threading through my head, or talking to them about the day, or looking for shapes.  We changed driving into a positive experience, even here in Charlotte.

Week 4: Fog is lifting and there is work to be done

When I first saw Mark’s video Saturday I sat there with my mouth hanging open. Mark said exactly what I had just said to my husband. This was going to be the week to give it your all, no phoning it in.

Then, Sunday’s lessons reinforced everything we’ve learned so far. It was the simple concept of replacing habit for habit that cemented things for me. Og Mandino said that our words become “part of my active mind.” The video explained that peptides replace peptides; changing us on a cellular level. The MasterKey 4-11 said that when you perform an affirmation night and morning “it becomes a part of you.” It was staring me in the face, repeated frequently and reinforced with science. The fog was beginning to lift.

I looked at my DMP in a whole new light and realized that I was doing laundry lists not my needs. Laundry lists don’t have feelings. It was time for a rewrite so I got to it. I sat, as prescribed, then thought about what I needed changed from the inside out and the words flowed in a way that they hadn’t before.

Onto my cards; I wrote them out again, in neater hand writing, and added in all of the colors and shapes. My challenge this week was to add something work related. That’s the tough one, it’s where my block is. Mark said make it simple so I did. I thought about it, defined it, wrote it down, promised and did it. Now I feel better about that too.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this process and still don’t. I’m comfortable in following the guidelines and letting go. Sometimes it’s best to just get out of your own way and let the system work.