Week 6 Would I Go See My Movie?

This week we are working on our movie poster and focusing on the shapes in our smart goals.  I’ve done many workshops where participants are asked to create a dream board.  It was always an entertaining experience however, I rarely saw anyone achieve the life depicted in those wonderful pictures pasted onto colorful boards with artsy borders.  So when we were given the task I thought ‘Oh no, here we go again’; but then something in the back of my mind kicked in. This might be something different.  This might actually be something worthwhile to try.

I did my board for the last MKMMA; making this exercise a touch up; or so I thought.  I looked at the board and the dates projected on it and to my amazement some of them had already been done.  This is good, I thought, this means it is not a useless exercise I’m moving forward. It only needs a little tweaking and then it’s a done deal.  But then, that thought made me think that I was making this into another item checked off my list and not looking at the project with my whole self in mind.

follow-your-blissI stepped back looking at the poster in a new light.  I looked at it thinking Would I go see this movie or wait for the video?  Here are the things I know:  A year has passed and there have been changes in my company’s compensation plan, additions to the family, income changes, health changes; so many things in the 365 days since I last created this poster.  The things I don’t know are the things missing from this poster.  The things I don’t know is what is going to bring me absolute JOY.  What is it that I would gladly do for free.  Looking at it objectively and with the knowledge from the last MKMMA also allows me to think creatively this time.  What can I put on there that will feed my soul instead of it being simply a to-do list?  What is it that I want to do that will feed my bliss?  This requires thought and will probably take a couple of ‘sits’ to bring it forward but I know it’s there waiting for me to discover and that is why I’m looking at this in a completely new perspective.


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