Week 20 Progression

Today I had a truely fabulous day in my business. I did not close a bunch of deals but I took steps that I have not before. I set a goal and stuck to it. Mainly due to our 10 Day accountability challenge. Today’s challenge was to establish our goals then make a list of at least five people to contact. My goals were already done and established since I’ve been reading them 3xs a day for weeks now. My list was another thing altogether. So, I pulled out my old contact sheet, picked out the five scariest and they became my target 5 for today.

I set my plan that after work today I would relax for a short time at home then start calling. At first, I called too early; either it went to machine or they were busy. So I reset my time to call at 7pm and I did it. I only missed one person and she is now at the top of my list for tomorrow’s challenge.

Today’s challenge was not anything that I didn’t already know that I had to do. After all, it is the mantra of our business. Set appointments, show the plan. But today, I actually did it. I still had the anxiety I’ve always had but this time I pushed through. There were several times I held the phone in my hand then closed it. This time I was on the clock. I knew I had to get it done by our check in call at 9pm. I made sure to contact each person well before that time and even got a returned call before the deadline. It was as if my contacts sensed the deadline and reacted accordingly.

For some people, phone work is easy as breathing. Not so for me. It’s something I’ve struggled with and today’s exercise forced me to push through and get it done. Accountability partners definitely provide that extra motivation to accomplish things and a mastermind alliance keeps you in contact with people going in the same direction you’d like to. I’m no longer swimming upstream. Can’t wait for our next challenge.


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