Week 17 Persistence a gift from the squirrels to me

I struggled with this virtue and I’m sure it’s because I struggle with it in my life. I began to write this weeks’ post but stopped because I refused to have a negative outcome. So, I put this down for a day to put persistence to test. Here’s what happened.

As you may have read in my tweets, my mother was admitted to the hospital last week and remained hospitalized for six days. This created a new challenge for me because she lives in NY and I’m in NJ. The day she was admitted, my husband and I were on our way to Charlotte and had to return to the city.

We got to the city and confirmed she was recovering and had no serious damage. With that feeling of relief we began to provide the care required when a loved one is in the hospital. We spent our days preparing, or ordering, food for her. Getting things she requested and visiting and keeping her company. It was a series of long and stressful days.

So one day, as I was leaving my mothers building to run errands, I paid attention to the squirrels in her courtyard. These are not ordinary squirrels, these are well fed and very spoiled squirrels. They are accustomed to the residents feeding them on a daily basis. They also don’t take no for an answer. As I walked down the walkway one beautiful black squirrel was sitting on the picnic table looking at me.
I always stop to look at the black squirrels because I’ve only ever seen them in her complex and they have beautiful curled fuzzy tails with fur that moves in the wind. My squirrel took the time to look me over too. It sat there first regarding me with a glance, then it sat full upright and looked right at me. After a moment it moved forward, perhaps thinking that I must be a little slow. I was making clicking noises as you would with cats and it simply looked at me and tilted the head.

Now I was thinking that this squirrel can’t be mimicking me but it did look like it might have been. We kept this up for a few moments until we were interrupted by someone coming out if the building. I knew the woman so we exchanged pleasantries and information and she promised to visit Mom. With that over, she reached into her pockets and took out some peanuts and bread. The squirrel stayed put. She walked over and placed the bread on the table near our friend, then placed the nuts at the corner of the table closest to where we stood.

The squirrel went toward the bread then had the nerve to look back at me as if to say “see that’s how you do it.” I chuckled and said smart aren’t they. The neighbor said that they have gotten to the point that whenever they hear the door open or see a human they expect to be fed. They are accustomed to it and if you have nothing, they stand expectantly until you ignore them or go get them something.

There I had it. I walked to the car with a huge grin on my face. Persistence! Then I got another smack upside the head; you’ve been living persistence since the phone call that day. Every thing we did, every decision made was a demonstration of persistence. Getting the attention my mother needed in a NY hospital definitely takes persistence. Once again, I had been discouraged that I did not have many dots on my Franklin sheet; only to realize that I’d witnessed and demonstrated persistence each and every day.

As it always turns out on this journey we are often surrounded by the virtues we seek but they have become so invisible we don’t see them anymore. Our minds and souls are beginning to open to the miracles around us, and we appreciate them more when finally uncovered because we have come to the awakening on our own. Oh you sneaky #mkmma.


6 thoughts on “Week 17 Persistence a gift from the squirrels to me”

  1. Dear Joanne,

    Your beautiful words speak the truth profoundly! we are often surrounded by the virtues we seek but they have become so invisible we don’t see them anymore. Our minds and souls are beginning to open to the miracles around us, and we appreciate them more …”

    Reading your entire post uplifted my awareness and encouraged me to acknowledge what’s invisible that I’ve come to take for granted.

    Thank you for your sharing and your willingness to serve your mother and her well being, staying persistent. Having a 93 yr old father who went through a major hospitalization with the outcome into assisted nursing care I can relate to what it takes to be their voice in getting the right care and attention. I acknowledge you for all that it takes.

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