Week 14 Patience and Persistence

This week I picked the movie Door to Door, the Bill Porter story. While this was a story of overcoming physical limitations and public perceptions; it also showcased the human connection. Patience and persistence will get us to where we need to be but it is that connection we all have that makes us human and powerful.

The Law of Dual Thought says that we can draw duality from any experience. It is uniquely human to assign pain and pleasure to things and we all have the ability to decide which trigger to use at any given time. Bill came from the generation of doing it all on your own; however, his career taught him that helping people and allowing them to help you enriches life.

Many of us in MKMMA are in sales and have had to come to the same realization in order to move our careers forward. The exercises we’ve done makes it crystal clear that sales is not simply a matter of pushing products and services; it’s a finely choreographed dance of encounters and relationships. It’s providing a need and fulfilling happiness. We learn to use our skills to make things better for our customers and ultimately for ourselves.


4 thoughts on “Week 14 Patience and Persistence”

  1. Joanne, that was beautifully written. Your absolutely right on with your thoughtful insights. I like to call it relationship marketing. We build that relationship first with love and gratitude and the customers will be more receptive to what we are offering and the sales will come. Thank you for sharing.

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