Week 10 emerging from my cave

This week feels like I’m an alien from another planet or a cave woman woken from an icy slumber. You see, this week I went back to work. I’ve been in my safe little MKMMA cocoon for 8 weeks now and quite happy there. Now, I’m being bombarded with reality. I gotta say it went well.

Monday night, I attended our local business meeting for our network company and decide to practice the words in my DMP “I promise to step out of my shell and talk to everyone around me.” So, I begin talking to the associate next to me. Guess what? She is struggling too, she and her husband are close to me and my husbands age and also have a few personal things in common. We talked until it was time to close and made arrangements to meet for dinner on Friday.

Tuesday, my second day back, a group of students were standing and talking outside of my classroom door. The language would have made your hair curl! I took a deep breath and walked out to tell them to watch the language and be mindful that class was in session. As I walked away one of the girls started talking back, making rude comments. I stopped, slowly turned, looked at the other girls (ignoring the loudmouth) and said, “I honor you ladies for being respectful and behaving like the young women you are here to become. Thank you.” I could see through the window of my classroom that they were not sure how to react to that. I make love my greatest weapon. – Mandino

Wednesday, continuing with my DMP, I spoke to three people about the business and gave them my text leader info. Later that day I received notification that one of them registered on my pre-launch site. “I remember the ancient law of averages and I bend it to my good.” – Mandino

Thursday, I woke up at 6am on my own, without the assistance of my alarm clock. I delve into my reading and decide to do my Sit then instead of in the evening. For the very first time since we started this experience I completely cleared my mind. True, it was a very short time, and as soon as I was conscious of it the “talk” began again but, I had it. Just that moment, but I had it! “All possession is based on consciousness. All gain is the result of an accumulated consciousness.” – Haanel

My Friday was pretty fantastic too. This week helped me confirm that the cement is breaking away, my consciousness is diligently working in the background to manifest the experiences best suited to my daily outcomes and I’m linking all over the place.


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