Putting in the work

Just completed the first of a two day conference designed to help move us forward in Rank. Remember I said I’m not doing the things I’ve always done because it’s time for different results. Last week I increased my daily activity from once in a while to every single day. I also made a commitment to do something new each day by making myself uncomfortable.

Being uncomfortable is a good state of being. You feel the adrenaline rush, the sweaty hands and palpitations. Your body is firing on all cylinders and it feels wonderful to be alive. You’re encouraged to move to the next level. Next week new situations, I’m going out and about to meet people and get involved.

~No goal was ever met without a little sweat.


First official work day

Took today as a prep day. Set up my work area, posted my goal sheet, hung my motivational saying, found my business cards and ordered my list. I started practicing my opening, intro and close. Recorded it and yes I sound funny. Still too ‘canned’ but I’m working through it.

So I went out and spoke to my first prospect and guess what, I Did Not Die! Yes, I faltered a little, might have said the wrong word here or there but overall I had a good time since I changed my way of thinking.

You see, I used to overthink everything. I would have a whole scenario playing in my head. I made enough excuses for the prospect that they didn’t have to come up with any. I presented and talked them out of it all at once. Sure I made some sales in there, probably because they took pity on me, but the numbers were not good.

In our industry conversion numbers can mean the difference between success and abject failure. Also, it is a significant ego hit when your numbers are not good. Nobody likes to present and walk away with nothing, I believe it’s one of the big reasons people quit this business. So how to we change it? Do the work! Learn the skills, after all we learned how to walk, how to drive, how to do our current job but expect to sign up for a new business and get rich tomorrow. No, it takes work.

Not just busy work, skilled work. Learn the words and say them often enough that they become second nature. So that brings me back to my presentation today, I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. I heard the objections forming in my head and clamped down on them until that’s where they remained. The conversation was friendly with easy flow, I found out their burning needs and offered a solution. I present their summary on Saturday, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Success is the sum of small efforts Repeated day in and day out.

~Robert Collier

I’m baaack

Hi there!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. I’m still doing my business, still enjoying my grand babies (one is running around screaming right now) and I’m embarking on a new phase for myself, my family and my business.

Let me tell you what I’m about to do. My company has a lot of people earning at least $1,000 per month automatically, I’m not one, all of my income is commission based. While I make good money, it only happens when I work. No work – no income. So it’s time to change that. I’m going to work on building my residual to that level and then help my team do it too. That way it will be do as I do, not do as I say.

We’ve got an exciting few month ahead with lots and lots of firsts. I just finished our new presentation and we’re hosting our first big gathering in early March. We’re going to our national convention in April and renting a house this time. I think Las Vegas is June and family vacation is the last week of July. Even though I’m ramping up activity I’m also going to take time out to journal it here and be grateful and immensely thankful for every day I’m blessed to live.

I’m sure there will be ups and downs, everything usually is, and we’ll face challenges in reaching our goals but I think that’s what makes everything worthwhile. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. We’re going through the fire to come out renewed.

My quote for today

The size of your fear limits the size of your life. Limit your fear – expand your life

~Ray Higdon

Week 6 Would I Go See My Movie?

This week we are working on our movie poster and focusing on the shapes in our smart goals.  I’ve done many workshops where participants are asked to create a dream board.  It was always an entertaining experience however, I rarely saw anyone achieve the life depicted in those wonderful pictures pasted onto colorful boards with artsy borders.  So when we were given the task I thought ‘Oh no, here we go again’; but then something in the back of my mind kicked in. This might be something different.  This might actually be something worthwhile to try.

I did my board for the last MKMMA; making this exercise a touch up; or so I thought.  I looked at the board and the dates projected on it and to my amazement some of them had already been done.  This is good, I thought, this means it is not a useless exercise I’m moving forward. It only needs a little tweaking and then it’s a done deal.  But then, that thought made me think that I was making this into another item checked off my list and not looking at the project with my whole self in mind.

follow-your-blissI stepped back looking at the poster in a new light.  I looked at it thinking Would I go see this movie or wait for the video?  Here are the things I know:  A year has passed and there have been changes in my company’s compensation plan, additions to the family, income changes, health changes; so many things in the 365 days since I last created this poster.  The things I don’t know are the things missing from this poster.  The things I don’t know is what is going to bring me absolute JOY.  What is it that I would gladly do for free.  Looking at it objectively and with the knowledge from the last MKMMA also allows me to think creatively this time.  What can I put on there that will feed my soul instead of it being simply a to-do list?  What is it that I want to do that will feed my bliss?  This requires thought and will probably take a couple of ‘sits’ to bring it forward but I know it’s there waiting for me to discover and that is why I’m looking at this in a completely new perspective.

MasterKey Week One

I’ve begun the journey once more.  It has taken much reflection and acceptance of responsibility to return to MasterKey.  I faced the fact that there is work still to be done.  The subby is strong and willing to revert to old destructive ways because it is easier to just do what we’ve always done; rather than step out on that Hero’s Journey and live out loud.  I’ve made the decision to push forward in this and in my business because it is necessary, expected and life affirming.

I got the Show

In my last post I outline my audition for a new Conference Call show in our business. It was nerve wracking but with careful preparation and a bit of sweat; it worked.

I got the show!

The name of the the show is “Talk to Me” We will be interviewing industry leaders and skill masters. We’re going to give a voice to the average Networker who wouldn’t ordinarily have a platform. In other words, we’ll be awesome.

I’ll post our call in details here. You’re invited to listen in when we get started.

Week 22 Fear Averted  

I’ve been taking a class called ” Inside the Studio.” It’s  a class designed to teach us how to make our team conference calls more professional. Today was our audition program. It’s something like a commencement, where we produce and present a live “show.”

The topic I picked to present was .”First things first, What to say.” I chose that topic because it is one of the thing I don’t do very well. I figured that by picking it I would be forced to research it and practice it in order to make my presentation more credible.

I set about investigating skill builders, and ice breakers, and closing sentences and, and, and.  Eventually I was researched out and had to set about doing the work. So I picked up the phone.

For my first call I tried the “Two minute story” and it worked! The person on the other end of the phone did not curse me out, she did not come through the phone and devour my head; she answered exactly as the script said she would!  I thought to myself, “Huh, that wasn’t too bad. Let me do this again.” Second call, same result. Ok, so maybe there is something to this word thing after all.

Next I tried the “Would it be ok?” approach . Worked like a charm. The science behind it is sound.  Those of us with children know this is magic for them and our kryptonite.  To put the words into action was enlightening. Oh, I’m a big, would it be ok, fan now. I use it for everything. Would it be ok if I asked you to keep reading?

With my research done, the next thing I needed was my script. First I winged it while recording myself to see what my tempo was.  Then I wrote out the script, based on my recording, taking out the umm, ahhs and so’s.   Then I played with it some more until I liked the content.  Finally, I recruited my husband to act as an audience for me.  He critiqued my delivery and content; we felt we had a good product.

Needless to say, I barely slept the night before the audition rising early, to make it to work an hour earlier, to make sure I was somewhere quiet at the start of the call. We dialed into the pre-call to get our tips and marching orders; then we were Live.

Four of us auditioned.  We called our show “Getting Your New Independent Associate Off to a Fast Start”   Julie did a fantastic job with her energetic opening, then she introduced Melena.  Melena came in with the topic of Dreams and Goals, then she introduced me. Whelp. I inhaled and did my First Things First segment then I introduced AJ.  AJ who covered Four Tips for Prospecting then he threw it back to Julie who closed the show with a strong motivating call to action.

I have to say, it was a Great show!

It was nerve wracking and challenging but all in a good way. It made me face several fears and forced me to overcome them because I was working on a deadline. I didn’t have the option to procrastinate; the only choice was to get it done.

This experience was something I otherwise would have missed. This time, I took that leap of faith and the results were wonderful. I learned that many times I hold myself back. I think the more I push through my self imposed boundaries, I’m chipping away more of the cement. I’m seeing little flecks of gold.

It is this personal devil which makes men fear the past, the present and the
future; fear themselves, their friends and their enemies; fear everything and everybody. When fear is effectually and completely destroyed, your light will shine,
the clouds will disperse and you will have found the source of power, energy and
Charles F. Haanel



Week 21 Silence 

It was raining in Philadelphia today so as I took my spot for my usual after work Sit; I was treated to the wonderful sound of rain. I made a mental note to myself to try to completely empty my brain and let the patter calm me.  You see, I have a serious case of “monkey brains” I just can’t shut up in my head. So I sat today with a purpose; determined that I would go for silence, complete total and utter silence.

Guess what? It worked! Ok it only worked in little vignettes but it worked. The problem was as soon as I realized the silence I started thinking about the fact that I was silent. Of course the big problem there is, if I’m thinking about being silent then I’m not.  I reset and tried again.  All in all it was a pretty good sit and I actually felt refreshed when it was done.

From the start, I’ve had repeated challenges with these daily sits. From not making time to make sure that I do it consistently, to doing it but not have it going in the direction I’d like it to go.  I know Philip Moffitt hosts retreats where people learn to quiet the mind and spend most of their time in silence for days on end. I should take solace that by taking a small slice of time each day the little baby steps are leading me toward that ultimate goal.  It is somewhat frustrating to experience such sporadic success; however, I do feel baby step progress is still progress so there’s that.

With all the hiccups I’ve had with MKMMA, I have to look at it like just another stepping stone to where I need to go.

Week 20 Progression

Today I had a truely fabulous day in my business. I did not close a bunch of deals but I took steps that I have not before. I set a goal and stuck to it. Mainly due to our 10 Day accountability challenge. Today’s challenge was to establish our goals then make a list of at least five people to contact. My goals were already done and established since I’ve been reading them 3xs a day for weeks now. My list was another thing altogether. So, I pulled out my old contact sheet, picked out the five scariest and they became my target 5 for today.

I set my plan that after work today I would relax for a short time at home then start calling. At first, I called too early; either it went to machine or they were busy. So I reset my time to call at 7pm and I did it. I only missed one person and she is now at the top of my list for tomorrow’s challenge.

Today’s challenge was not anything that I didn’t already know that I had to do. After all, it is the mantra of our business. Set appointments, show the plan. But today, I actually did it. I still had the anxiety I’ve always had but this time I pushed through. There were several times I held the phone in my hand then closed it. This time I was on the clock. I knew I had to get it done by our check in call at 9pm. I made sure to contact each person well before that time and even got a returned call before the deadline. It was as if my contacts sensed the deadline and reacted accordingly.

For some people, phone work is easy as breathing. Not so for me. It’s something I’ve struggled with and today’s exercise forced me to push through and get it done. Accountability partners definitely provide that extra motivation to accomplish things and a mastermind alliance keeps you in contact with people going in the same direction you’d like to. I’m no longer swimming upstream. Can’t wait for our next challenge.